Progress after one day of blogging

Yesterday (Monday 24 March 2014) I have managed to:

  • Send Alison a draft of Chapter One: Introduction so she can give feedback on my writing. Made some changes from the confirmation report based on Alison’s suggestions in the last tutorial as well as incorporating Scott’s comments. I’m hoping that I have covered all the contents that is required for this chapter. This is what I sent her
  • Written up a ‘Writing Target’ in terms of no. of words to be achieved for each thesis chapter. Looked up a few thesis plus the ‘How to do PhD’ books to decide on the word count to be achieved. I have included the different sections of my confirmation report as part of the word count. Here’s the file: Writing Targets

Next on my to do list:

  • Improve questionnaire after SV meeting. Possibly add more servicescape items, esp the ones related to hostels (Refer Musa & Thirumoorthi etc) and take out personality items?
  • Redo CF without the moderators (if agreed by Andrew, Leon and Eimear!)
  • Re-write the Intro Chapter with new Research Objectives
  • Draft LR structure based on CF
  • Draft RM structure, especially interview part

The list does keep getting longer!



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