Friday’s work (28 March 2014)

It’s Tuesday now so I can hardly remember what happened last Friday! I do remember having lunch with Harraz and Azha in Hillside. Then we walked to University Court to send the baby stuff to Fairus. Her room is packed with stuff! She’s waiting to move to a 1+ bed apartment in Battersea Court. We spoke for nearly an hour about studies, bfeeding and babies. When I left, it was already past 4pm and I bumped into Cynthia at the Duke of Edinburgh building. She was on her way to a meeting with her supervisor. Caught up on our PhD progress.

So, in terms of PhD work, I think I printed a couple of articles and tried to continue transcribing. Checked Lily’s work on the OZ couple staying at Reggae Hostel, Penang. That lasted only 7 minutes into the interview … Not so good …

Contemplated on going to a drop-in session at the Centre for Wellbeing to talk to someone about the pressure I am under to finish my PhD by March. Maybe the faint feeling is a sign of anxiety? Plus I looked up info on financial hardship and I think I might want to ask for some help with Azha’s visa renewal. £587 is a lot of money. Especially since I have used up £2253 for the flights back to KL. Dipped into my savings as well as maxed my credit card!!

So all in all, Friday wasn’t as productive, research-wise. But it did a lot of good ‘socialising’ with Fai, Cynthia, baby Harraz and of course, my superhero hubby!


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