3 transcriptions done!

Pretty pleased with myself. Got into office around 11.15am after picking up the ‘birthday present’ from town. Had my mocha and onion puff. Straight away opened up the recordings. Well, talked to Abby a bit and went on the internet.

Asked Azha to look up Portsmouth hotels near Gunwharf Quays. Treat him on his birthday as well as a much needed break for me! Plus Alya has her term break and there’s a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum where a submarine is opened to the public. Effa’s tickets are not used yet and it expires 20 April 2014!

So I managed to (check) the transcription for three interviews:

  1. The Moroccan guy at OPG – very hard to do because of the accent and I think the recorder was not near enough to him. Even my voice sounded mumbling!
  2. The Finnish couple at Lazyboys – much more clearer as they spoke English at a slower pace.
  3. The Solo Swedish traveller at Lazyboys – This one took up very little time too.
  4. Wanted to start on the TSG1 interview but thought I’d take a quick break.


Oh, yes, I meant to blog about Alison’s feedback Ch1 Intro. Had the meeting with her yesterday (2 April 2014) at 12noon. She had my work on the computer screen with comments being highlighted on the softcopy. I did my own ‘corrections’ on printed paper. Alison said I wrote really well! Very clear, even better than some native speakers 🙂

She asked if my supervisors ever told me how well I write. Told her that Leon said it was very good academic writing but Andrew reminded him not to tell me that too much just in case I slack off. Hahah.

Anyway, she said she was struggling to find anything wrong with my work. It was all grammatically correct. Some sentences were a bit long-winded but they were correct grammatically. She did ask if it was for my thesis or confirmation report as there were a few ‘future tense’ sentences. A few words were not ‘academic enough’ eg. do not mind, find out. Plus I should be more concise and use less words eg. take out ‘that there has been, that other customers that are present’ so the sentences are more assertive. Plus I should use a ‘comma’ before the end of the ‘authors’ I’m citing to help the reader process the name of the authors. It was a very good tutorial as I got to know how I’m doing in terms of my writing and how I could improve it further.

Alison also asked if I knew for sure that my funding was going to run out and said that she’s sure I’ll be fine!


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