Miserable Monday Morning

The day started with a light drizzle of rain. Waited for the bus at 8am. Possibly missed the 7.55am bus but the next one arrived pretty early. Alya starts Easter hols today for 2 weeks so they were all still in bed.

Anyway, just to update what happened on Friday. Finished the transcripts (checking of transcripts) for:

  1. Gap year female at TGS1
  2. Gap year female at TGS2

Decided to start the transcription for Japanese student but that ended quite quickly, at 5 minutes into the interview!

Alya had early school closure so Azha brought her in with Adik. Stayed in the surau. What a lucky day for the kids as this generous Arabic lady in a gorgeous jubah gave them £20 each. Plus Alya got a packet of Mentos from one of the students praying there. 

Anyway, came back to the office and went to lunch with Lily at Young’s. Printed off a few articles (I think) and discussed about our philosophical stance in research methods.

So today is the start to the new week. I’m proud to announce that 2 transcriptions have been completed by 2pm! YAY! Alhamdulillah.

  1. The Japanese student – this was so hard as his speech wasn’t so clear.
  2. The family staying at Lazyboys – background noise was very annoying!

Printed some articles during a short break. There are new publications on CCI plus a whole thesis on the topic! When am I ever going to find the time to read all this material!!!


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