Bring your daughter to work day *for me!

Told Alya the night before that she could come to the office with me like we used to do before Azha came to the UK. She was excited but a little worried that she might not wake up early enough. It’s Easter Holiday and on Monday I felt really guilty for not spending the holidays with her. By the time I get home, it’s already dinner time and I have to keep an eye on Harraz too.

I think she woke up around 8am yesterday. I was finished with preparing fried rice in the kitchen and did the laundry too. She asked if she can still come to the office and I told her to get ready. After she had her shower, had a look at her hair as she seemed super-itchy last night. It was full of lice eggs, especially behind her ears!!!! Took out the lice comb but it was hopeless. Too much of them to get rid off by combing through.

Right! Time for the hairdresser’s – in the bathroom we went!! Took out Azha’s scissors, put papers on the floor and tied her hair up in little bunches. Less than 10 minutes later – new hairdo for kakak Alya!! Short but really ‘wonky’. I just butchered her hair style but hey, as long as the nits are murdered! All the while, Alya kept asking if I’ll be late for work and she was really worried. Told her I’m fine as it’s a relaxing day today, no meetings or workshops.

After breakfast, headed to the bus-stop. Alya commented that it must be tiring for me to be walking everyday to and from the bus stop. She seemed to enjoy the walk and chatted non-stop. It was a gorgeous sunny day but very, very breezy. The wait for the bus seemed ages – 20 minutes, I think, and Alya was complaining too. Reminded Alya that she has to be quiet and do her Maths or School work while I do my PhD research.

Aby and Micheal was in the office when I arrived. I gave Alya her Maths book and she seemed to be focusing well. I tidied the desk a bit and started to analyse the interview transcripts. At about 12 noon, Effa and Hafiz met up with Aby to have lunch in town. Alya didn’t want to go so we went to Amigo’s (The Surrey Shop) for lunch. Had halal hotdog (Yay!) and pizza. Bumped into Azlin and chatted for a while. Then we went to the lake to pick some daisies. Alya insisted that she can make a daisy chain herself and she did! Stayed for a while and sent some work to my supervisors – NEW CF with SI as MEDIATOR and 3rd draft (SV) survey questions. I’m still waiting for Chris to set up the meeting with Andrew, Eimear and Leon. Hope it’s soon because I do want to get the questionnaires pre-tested asap!

When I got home, Andrew emailed saying that I was making excellent progress, eventhough he hasn’t had time to look at the questionnaires yet. That made me feel a whole lot better 🙂


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