Meeting to FINALIZE questionnaire (Yay!)

Had a bit of a problem setting the appointment for my meeting today. I never received Chris’s meeting request and apparently, Chris never received Eimear’s acceptance of the request! I am so glad I sent Chris a follow-up email and she replied straight-away.

Today’s meeting went well. Told Andrew I already booked tickets to Malaysia as it was getting more and more expensive. Plus I plan to do online surveys as well. He reminded me that I will need to design a different instrument for online ones so it is more user-friendly. Luckily the School bought the licence from Qualtrics so there’s no limit to responses.

Looking at the Conceptual Framework, the only comment from Andrew was whether or not I will be including ‘personal’ and ‘functional’ dimensions of the Social Interaction. Even if there is only one paragraph of reference that said there is a distinction between different ‘SI’, I can use this as justification. Plus my findings from the CIT interviews would back up the two dimensions.

Lots of comments about the technical aspects of the questionnaire from Andrew and Eimear. Eg. wordings, instructions, order of statements. But content of it was approved!! I am sooooo relieved that I can go ahead and have the printed version ready to be checked and then pre-tested on my Phd friends. No need for stats tests for the pilot stage!! They’re away till 6 May so will use this time to:

  1. Finalize questionnaire (use Qualtrics for online and offline)
  2. Finish transcribing
  3. Fill in demographics table for interviews
  4. Fill in Details of Incidents
  5. Draft RM Chapter

Being a little ambitious for a 3 week period but who knows, I might just make it!!!


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