More than one month has passed …

So much for being consistent in updating my posts, huh?

Been super busy finalising the questionnaire that I really totally forgot about blogging!

Had my SV meeting 9 May 2014 without Eimear 😦

Could go ahead with pre-testing it but Andrew suggested a focus group to carry out Q-Sort activity. Also needed to add the Surrey logo and change a few items on the questionnaire. The pre-tested version is this – Pre-Test Hostel_Experience_in_Malaysia. Contacted some friends for the Focus Group but I am really desperate to have the Q-Sort done individually as not everyone is free at the same time (eg. confirmation meetings coming up!)

Before the pre-test version, I had to define the dimensions of SI that i wanted to measure. Originally, there were two categorizations based on Murphy’s (2001?) backpacker article. I had some items already written but it was hard to categorise them to personal and functional aspects. Alhamdulillah, on 13 may 2014, I read up on cruise articles and CCI and stumbled upon Huang & Hsu’s category – superficial/spontaneous/deep interaction. It suited my CIT findings perfectly! I thank Allah for this as it was the same day I was fasting and did the Dhuha just before going to the office. He is the Greatest and it is all His Ilham!

Here’s the final SI categorisation which I email to all SVs – G2G Interaction – LEVELS and measurement plus the Draft1 Q Sort Instructions. However, none of them emailed me back so I can’t really go ahead with anything yet.

Asked Chris for a quick chat with Andrew (10am tomorrow). Hopefully he’ll say ok. The next meeting on 27 May will be about the new R.Objectives and Hypotheses as this will determine the statistical analysis I’ll need to get familiar with. Plus, I might get asked in the CHME Conference 28-30 May 2014 at the University of Derby-Buxton. The poster’s been sent for printing – Poster Jasmine Rashid Radha – CHME Conference 2014

One more thing to report, had a nice chat during bfast at Chancellor’s with k. Sarene! She had her viva Dec last year (2013) and is back here to send her corrections and have it binded. Alhamdulillah, her boss nominated her for an IAEA meeting in Vienna that provides travel allowance for her. She used it to come to Surrey and sort out her thesis stuff. Good for her 🙂



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